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Custom-made communication devices for TETRA, TRETRAPOL, AGNET, MCPTT and Team on Mission networks

Comu Systems selects and implements the most appropriate technology for each project, guaranteeing a precise and efficient response to the needs of its varied customer base. Thanks to its cutting-edge expertise and dedication to innovation, Comu Systems remains a key player in the field of electronic communications in France.

Homeland Security

Wired PTT interfaces and motorcycle helmets designed specifically for security forces: Police, Gendarmerie, RAID, GIGN... Solutions compatible with different networks and radio terminals, guaranteeing hands-free, uninterrupted connection, even in the most critical environments.

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Airport industry

Headset-type communication equipment for aviation and airport operations professionals, facilitating coordination of ramp operations, aircraft guidance and safety on airport tarmacs.

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Petrochemical industry

Communication equipment for industrial professionals (e.g. petrochemical plants) designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent safety standards (ATEX certification), ensuring permanent connection in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Civil security

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