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Civil security

Effective communication accessories to meet the needs of first-aiders

Civil protection professionals (firefighters, rescue workers, first-aiders, trackers, mine-clearers, etc.) face challenges every time they intervene. That’s why Comu Systems is committed to providing advanced and reliable tactical communication systems, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of civil security personnel.

Comu Systems solutions guarantee clear and immediate communication, even in extreme conditions: fires, floods, first aid in restricted environments, or other emergency situations. These communication systems enable professionals to stay in touch and coordinate their interventions effectively in the most critical environments.


A complete range of modular communication systems to meet the specific needs of civil protection:

Comu Systems headgear and accessories are designed to facilitate interventions, explorations and reconnaissance. Lightweight, comfortable and intuitive, these accessories enable professionals – firefighters, ambulance drivers, first-aiders, deminers, dog handlers, stretcher-bearers, etc. – to concentrate on their mission.

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A range tailored to civil security

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  • Advanced and reliable tactical communication systems
  • Instant, high-quality communication
  • A wide range of customisable products

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