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Petrochemical industry

ATEX-certified communication accessories

Comu systems offers a range of ATEX (ATmosphère EXplosive) certified solutions for industrial applications. A range of products designed for constrained environments, where safety is a major issue:

  • Noise-cancelling headsets for radio
  • Laryngophone
  • Remote loudspeaker microphone
  • Osteomicrophone

Our range of ATEX noise-cancelling communication headsets meets the most stringent safety standards, offering maximum protection in potentially explosive environments.

Our communication accessories are specially designed to meet the demands of industrial, underground, construction, maritime and transport environments. Whether you work in a refinery, on an offshore oil platform or in a mine, our headsets are tailored to your working environment.

Thanks to our advanced sound modulation technology, our headsets enable clear and precise hands-free communication, even in the noisiest environments. So you can communicate easily and effectively with your colleagues, while protecting your hearing from the dangers of excessive noise.

Our headsets are equipped with a microphone boom especially designed to operate in damp and dusty conditions, ensuring reliable communication in all circumstances. With Comu Systems, stay safe and connected, wherever your work takes you.

550 possible combinations
20 compatible brands

A range tailored to petrochemical industry

In brief

Product features

  • Uncompromising communication quality
  • An intrinsically safe-compatible range for use in potentially explosive environments
  • Tolerance to extreme temperatures
  • Robust products and easy parts replacement
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