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CRS / PGHM headset for mountain rescue operations

CRS / PGHM headset for mountain rescue operations

The CRS / PGHM emergency helmet is a noise-cancelling headset with microphone, headband or neckband version for use with a mountain helmet.
It will enable quality communications to be established in both quiet and noisy environments.
The headset is a low-level helicopter headset connected directly to the helicopter on-board network or via a PMR radio/helicopter communication interface. The interface is mounted in a remote loudspeaker microphone.

When the headset is connected to the interface, the radio’s audio functions are automatically transferred to the headset.
When not connected, the audio functions are transferred to the remote loudspeaker microphone.

The headset provides :

  • Isolation from surrounding noise thanks to its active anti-noise system
  • In flight, to communicate with the helicopter’s onboard personnel via the on-board intercom network
  • During hoisting and rescue operations, to communicate with other rescuers via the PMR radio network

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