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Discrete systems

A wide range of discreet accessories with the ALL JACK HUB interface box at its heart, enabling the connection of various discreet pedestrian systems, whether wired or induction-powered. The box has an integrated PTT button and 2 jack connectors:
– 1 x 4-contact jack socket for connecting audio accessories
– 1 3-contact jack socket for connecting alternator controls

Thanks to its compact size, this interface can be hidden in any pocket. It has a standard jack connector for connecting our range of discreet accessories, as well as commercial products for maximum discretion.
The alternator control socket allows the transmitter button to be moved to the palm of the hand via a cable in the sleeve. If the accessory does not have a microphone, one can be added to the PTT box.

Technical data

Selection of compatible jack accessories

Discreet wired headphones

  • Smartphone-style stereo headphones in white or black
  • GSM-type earphone, black
  • Spiral acoustic tube headset with or without microphone
  • Micro earphone
  • Earhook with boom microphone
  • Wireless induction headset

Wired alternator controls

  • Alternator control with velcro strap
  • Palm-type alternator control with or without microphone
  • Pear-type alternator control
  • Control of alternator to maintain order
  • Backpack with integrated shift control in one shoulder strap