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Dual interface with TPH 700 sockets

Dual interface with TPH 700 sockets

Dual com interface box for TPH 700 handhelds enabling a single tactical headset to communicate on two radio networks.

Housing composed of:

  • 1 IP 54 enclosure with rotating clip
  • 2 toggle controls (one on the front for No. 1 handheld / one on the side for No. 2 handheld)
  • 1 interface circuit powered by handheld No. 1
  • 2 connection cables with TPH 700 plug fitted
  • 1 Fischer 7-pin socket for connection of MSA SORDIN tactical helmet

Differentiated listening :

Portable No. 1 will be heard in one of the shells of the tactical helmet
Portable No. 2 will be heard in the other shell