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Bluetooth HCD interface

The HCD Bluetooth interface is a discreet alternator box designed to be connected via Bluetooth to a telephone equipped with the AGNET or Team on Mission application, or to an HCD Audio Gateway connected to a DMR, Tetra or Tetrapol transceiver. It can be used to transfer your application’s communications to a discreet head-end accessory, as well as to control alternators directly on the box, or in a wireless version.
The Audio Gateway is the HCD’s sister interface, giving Bluetooth connectivity to a radio without it.

Controls and connectivity
A main knob lets you switch your radio to transmit, and volume buttons let you adjust the audio level to your liking.
A 3.5mm jack allows you to connect discreet earphones from our range or a commercial product. The audio gateway also lets you connect commercial headphones (such as Airpods or Bose) to your radio, while keeping the PTT control in your hand.
The interfaces are compatible with our range of 868MHz wireless alternates for even greater discretion.
A specific version of our box allows direct connection to a TPH700 or TPH900 radio if the Bluetooth option is active.

The interface is equipped with a 600 mAh battery providing a comfortable 25 hours of autonomy. The standard charging port is a micro USB connector for use with any charger or powerbank.
The back of the case features a compact belt clip for attaching the case anywhere.

Technical data

Applications for the HCD range

Use for AGNET / Team on Mission

The interface for AGNET / Team On Mission allows you to remote the PTT and volume buttons directly on the box, as well as remote the PTT command to a product in our 868MHz range.

Using HCD for radios

The radio system enables wireless connectivity to be given to a transceiver that lacks it, and PTT control to be deported to a product in our 868MHz range.

Use of Airpods-type headphones for radios

The Audio Gateway used on its own enables you to connect commercially available Bluetooth headphones (e.g. Airpods or Bose headphones) to a transceiver that doesn’t have one, as well as to deport PTT control to a product in our 868MHz range.

HCD & TPH900

Direct use on TPH700 and TPH900

The HCD interface can be used alone on Airbus TPH700 and TPH900 radios. It can be used to connect discrete headphones, as well as remote PTT control to a product in our 868MHz range.