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INTERPRO modular interface

The INTERPRO modular interface is a complete alternator box designed to be connected via Bluetooth to a telephone equipped with the AGNET or Team on Mission application. It can also be used to transfer communications from your application to a head-mounted accessory (tactical, discreet or biker).

Controls and connectivity
A main button allows you to communicate on the desired AGNET or Team on Mission channel. Many additional functions can be added, such as a second PTT, emergency call, volume control, on-hook/off-hook or mute. The interface adapts to your equipment by fitting an audio connector to suit your needs. (Fischer, Lemo, HRS, Nato) Additional connectors can be added as required, for a second headset or a remote wired switch.
As an option, the integration of a wireless alternator receiver allows you to remotely control the alternator via a ring or the handlebars of a motorcycle.
In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the product is available in a number of versions, for one or more radios via the accessory socket, or for smartphones via the USB type C or X-link socket.

The interface is equipped with a 1600 mAh battery for a comfortable 40-hour runtime. The standard charging port is a USB type C connector, enabling the use of any charger or powerbank.
The case is fitted on the back with a robust Molle-compatible rotating clip with metal holding claw and fixing ring.

Technical data

Our range of interfaces

  • Wide range of interfaces for industry and security forces
  • A tried-and-tested format for intervention units
  • Compatible with most DMR/Tetra radios on the market
  • ATEX-certified intrinsic safety products
  • Multiple radios can be connected simultaneously
  • Several case formats: tactical, discreet, miniature
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ALUNI Intervention Unit Interface

Interface for P2G, TPH700 or TPH900 allowing connection of tactical helmets to Fischer or Lemo sockets. A jack socket allows wired connection of an alternator control. Allows you to adjust the volume of the built-in amplifier and switch to mute mode.
A time-shift system enables delayed transmission of outgoing calls when the network is temporarily busy.
A wireless control receiver is integrated to enable remote control of the alternator.

Robust ABS housing, IP67 waterproof, for intensive use in harsh environments.

Molle-compatible rotating clip.
Polyurethane-sheathed radio connection cable.
Wireless alternator receiver frequency: 868MHz. Radio-powered.
Dimensions: H75mm W60mm D25mm

Mini interface All Jack Hub

Miniature 4 cm x 3.5 cm interface with integrated PTT for connecting wired equipment to any type of radio.
Equipped with 2 jack sockets for connecting a wide range of products:
– 4-contact jack compatible with all standard headphones
– 3-contact jack for wired alternators and remote microphones
Rotating clip on rear for easy product attachment.

Dual radio interface

Interface for connecting tactical helmets to 2 radios. Reception of radio communications is lateralized if the headset is stereo, and two toggle controls allow you to switch to the radio of your choice.
As an option, a rotary selector allows you to hear only one of the two radio sources.

Robust, IP67-rated ABS housing for intensive use in harsh environments.

Molle-compatible rotating clip.
Polyurethane-sheathed radio connection cable.
Dimensions: H75mm W60mm D25mm

Interface for Peloton Spécialisé de Protection de la Gendarmerie (PSPG)

An interface designed for the Gendarmerie Nationale to secure nuclear power plants, it connects a tactical headset to 3 communications devices: 2 TPH700 radios and a DECT phone or smartphone equipped with Team on Mission.
Incoming signals are prioritized, and the radios can be listened to laterally.
2 toggle switches enable communication via the TPH700s, and a central button controls the phone.

Robust ABS case, waterproof to IP67.

Molle-compatible rotating clip.
Compatible with Funkwerk ATEX DECT phones, ICOM radios, Sonim XP8 and Crosscall Core X5.
Dimensions: H75mm W60mm D25mm

Discreet Bluetooth HCD interface

Complete system consisting of a Bluetooth radio offset connected to a transceiver and a discreet interface for connecting a standard 3.5mm jack accessory.
Direct connection to the radio possible for Airbus TPH700 and TPH900 models.
Integrated wireless toggle receiver for discreet toggling using our wireless toggle ring.
The radio offset is also available for direct connection to commercial headphones such as Airpods.

Standard jack compatible with most headphones
Bluetooth 3.0. Wireless toggle receiver frequency: 868MHz.
600 mAh Li-ion battery, 25-hour autonomy.
Dimensions H5.5 cm W4.8 cm