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Micro HP for TOM


The Helipro BT remote loudspeaker is a complete interface designed to be connected via Bluetooth or USB to a telephone equipped with the Team On Mission application.

Two buttons, PTT1 and PTT2, allow you to switch to the desired channel. Additional functions such as volume control and emergency call are also available.

It lets you connect a headset (tactical, discreet or biker) to the Fischer socket, and remote listening to a jack.

The interface is equipped with a 1000 mAh battery for a comfortable 25 hours of autonomy.

It features a sturdy rotating clip on the back, with a metal retaining claw and fixing ring.

Technical data

Information, versions and compatibility

  • High-performance remote HP microphone used by PGHMs
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Send PTT1, PTT2, volume and emergency call commands via Bluetooth
  • 40-hour autonomy
  • Compatible with tactical helmets, discreet systems and motorcycle helmets
  • Loudspeaker integrated into front button
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