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Motorcycle headset with radio communication kit – loudspeaker microphone and handlebar-mounted wireless alternator control

The motorcycle headset is fitted with a waterproof differential electret microphone, 2 earphones and a cable for connection to the remote loudspeaker microphone, which in turn is connected to the portable transceiver.

When the headset is connected to the loudspeaker microphone, communications are retransmitted to the headset.

When the headset is disconnected from the loudspeaker microphone, communications are automatically re-established in the latter.

The HP microphone is equipped with a wireless toggle receiver powered by the handset. The handheld’s toggle function can be activated either by pressing the PTT button on the HP microphone, or by using the remote wireless toggle on the motorcycle’s handlebars.

The handlebar-mounted wireless alternator consists of a waterproof alternator control connected to a transmitter box powered by a battery or the motorcycle battery.