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TACTICOM servo-attenuated headset

  • Communication headset with intelligent ambient sound servo amplification. The system instantly activates noise reduction to protect your hearing.
  • Two high-sensitivity, directional ambient microphones enable amplified, spatialized listening.
  • High-comfort silicone gel pads optional.
  • High-quality noise-canceling electret boom microphone.
  • Double pair of headphones for optimum reproduction of ambient sound and radio system.
  • Available in extra-flat headband or neckband versions.
  • Powered by battery or radio battery.

Information, versions and compatibility

  • Amplification of spatialized ambient noise
  • Immediate blocking of amplification in the event of a gunshot
  • Wired connection to one or two radios
  • Optional: breathing mask socket with automatic deactivation of the boom microphone
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Option for mask

As an option, the helmet can be fitted with a connection for a breathing mask. Connecting a mask automatically deactivates the headset’s microphone.