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VIBRACOM M headset with microphone and ossovibrator transducers

Connected to a portable transceiver, these headphones enable high-quality communications in quiet and moderately noisy environments.

They feature a neckband equipped with two ossovibrating cells placed on the upper jaws, and a microphone boom. With these headphones, the auditory pinnae remain clear for perfect listening to the environment.

For reception, the cell’s vibrations are transmitted to the jawbone, which activates the ligaments in the wearer’s middle ear by bone conduction, ensuring a listening experience as perfect as with headphones.

The VIBRACOM helmet is equipped with an optional alternator control with mounting clip. (VIBRACOM M AL).

The VIBRACOM kit is particularly designed for use with protective helmets (bullet-proof helmets – firefighters’ helmets – safety helmets). Firemen’s helmets – Safety helmets).

Its use is also recommended for communications under air-supplied hoods.

The VIBRACOM kit can be adapted to all types of portable transceivers (make and type to be specified).