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COMU Systems - A solid reputation

Over the years, the company has developed numerous interfaces for all the analog and digital radiocommunications sets in service today, which allows it to manufacture all types of equipment at very competitive prices without any additional development.

The company has acquired a solid reputation and an excellent brand image which allows it to have the most demanding users as its loyal customers.

Concerning the equipment for the RUBIS – ACROPOL – ANTARES, Comu Systems , Comu Systems has developed them in partnership with the manufacturer Airbus Defence & Space.Airbus Defence & Space.

Comu Systems is also able to install radiocommunication systems with discrete equipment in intervention vehicles (cars/motorcycles).

A lot of research is currently being carried out on different types of equipment in order to combine ease of use and safety in the near future.

For the manufacturing, Comu Systems owns the radio equipment manufacturers as well as the test benches for the development and the quality control of the products.

Comu Systems is at the forefront of technical progress in communication systems. The company was the first to implement digital Bluetooth and DECT technologies for wireless radio interfaces.

Michel CAZALS Founding President of COMUFRANCE in 1996

40 years in the service of the creation and development of tactical and critical communication.

After a BTS and a first experience in an engineering company, I joined FENZY, one of the leaders in respiratory protection. The next step was the distribution of industrial equipment with the creation of the “PPE distribution” department at BERTONand SICARD.

In the 80’s, the German company OPTAC, specialized in the manufacture and distribution of anti-noise devices, asked me to create their French subsidiary. We created the first communication equipment for noisy environments to compete with American equipment, which was the only one present in this niche.

As soon as it was bought by the Australian group PROTECTOR, with 3 German colleagues we created CEOTRONICSincluding CEOTRONICS FRANCEin 1986. We position them as the specialist in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic communication and transmission systems in critical environments for private and public professional mobile network users.

When CEOTRONICS was acquired by AKG, I was given the responsibility of creating the French subsidiaries ofAKG TELECOM and AKG MUSIC. When AKG was bought by the HARMANNgroup, I took over AKG TELECOM with a partner, which later became CLARICOM, and at the same time I left CEOTRONICS, which became independent again.

In 1996, with Sylvie KELLER, we created COMUFrance, which designs, manufactures and distributes a range of communication equipment that meets the most extreme requirements of tactical and critical communication for professionals in constrained environments.

COMUFrancehas developed customized products in various fields where communication is essential for health, safety, performance, productivity or strong economic risks.

COMUFRANCE is one of the European leaders in tactical and mission-critical communications equipment and uses the best technologies to offer users reliable, high-performance products that meet their requirements.

The passion for a job well done and the attention given to customers have forged the good reputation of COMUFRANCE.

As of January 2021, all these values will be supported by Laurent CAPELLARI, President of the group Cotral Lab and Christophe TUFFIER the CEO of Comu Systems who have the pleasure of developing new ranges of equipment on digital communication networks and continuing to increase the company’s activity in France and abroad.

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