Remote speaker microphone for intrinsically safe radio

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  • Interface adaptable to many Intrinsically Safe handheld radio transceivers
  • Compatible with listening or two-way communication accessories
  • IP protection
  • Equipped with a clip allowing 360° rotation for optimal use
  • For industries and emergency services
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Weight <200g
Intrinsic safety Yes
ATEX marking* marking-ATAX-Hear-Cancelling-Headphones
Bluetooth No
Microphone type Omni directional
Connection type Subsidiary
Product color Black
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Electrical parameters** Voltage (Uo) ≤ 10 Volts (V)
Intensity (Io) ≤ 2.5 Ampere (A)
Power (Po) ≤ 3.37 Watt (W)

* This intrinsically safe product is designed for use in an industrial environment above ground, in zone 1 where an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur from time to time and in the presence of group IIC gases (eg acetylene). The surface temperature of the product will not exceed 135°C. Care must therefore be taken not to use this product in the presence of gases with an ignition temperature lower than 135°C.

** Intrinsic Safety earmuffs can be connected to all certified Intrinsic Safety certified remote speaker-transceivers and microphones for which none of the electrical parameters of the accessory socket exceeds the values indicated.
Certification body: LCIE 03 ATEX 6159 X
Certification International No.: IECEx LCI 10.0044X



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