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Motorcycle helmets with electro-acoustic system

On-board motorcycle communication systems

Comu Systems holds the public contract to supply motorcycle helmets for the Gendarmerie Nationale, the Police Nationale, French Customs and the Ministry of the Armed Forces. We supply them with SHOEI brand helmets, customized and equipped with a complete electro-acoustic system comprising a microphone, earphones, processing electronics and a connection cord. This makes it possible to manage communication with the motorcycle’s mobile radio, while remaining connected with other bikers via the intercom fixed to the helmet.



Screen-printed motorcycle helmet

  • Silk-screened motorcycle helmets without communicatio
  • Screen-printed motorcycle helmets equipped with a wired electro-acoustic communication system for use on motorcycles fitted with a TETRAPOL mobile radio.
  • Silk-screened motorcycle helmets equipped with a CARDO PACKTALK Bluetooth electro-acoustic communication system.
  • Screen-printed motorcycle helmets equipped with an electro-acoustic communication system (1 microphone + 2 pairs of headphones) for connection to the TETRAPOL mobile radio and intercom communication with a Bluetooth system such as CARDO PACKTALK.
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