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Communication interface for PSPG

Communication systems for Security Forces specialising in the protection of nuclear installations

Comu Systems is a major player in the market for communications equipment for gendarmes specializing in the protection of nuclear facilities. As the French leader in this field, we have become the benchmark for the deployment of communication interfaces specifically adapted to radios and telephones. We are committed to providing communication solutions to coordinate the safety of professionals protecting these critical facilities.


The equipment used

  • Communication interface TPH700 – DECT
    • Designed to accept a tactical communication helmet
    • Enables simultaneous communications with 2 TPH700 radio terminals and 1 DECT terminal thanks to 2 side switches and a face button 
    • Robust IP67 enclosure
  • Tactical intervention helmet
    • Differential microphone for use in noisy environments
    • 2 pairs of headphones
    • Anti-noise function with controlled attenuation
    • Can be used with breathing mask
Use case

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