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AGNET solutions for French Customs

AGNET communication devices for motorcyclists

Comu Systems is committed to meeting the specific needs of French customs motorcyclists by developing tailor-made AGNET solutions. These solutions offer direct connectivity between bikers' communication equipment and their motorcycles, guaranteeing efficient and secure communication. Developed in close collaboration with Airbus, this solution precisely meets the requirements of French customs, reinforcing their coordination in the field. Our commitment to innovation and our ability to adapt our solutions to the specific needs of our customers have enabled us to provide a tailor-made response that enhances the safety and efficiency of the operations carried out by these professionals.

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The equipment used

  • Biker interface box 
    • Bluetooth offset of Airbus Agnet application functions installed on a smartphone
    • Secure connection to the motorcycle helmet's integrated communication system
    • Robust IP67 enclosure
  • Wireless control offset on handlebars
    • Biker box functions offset from motorcycle handlebars
    • Proven 868 Mhz protocol 
  • SHOEI motorcycle helmet 
    • Communication system integrated into motorcycle helmet
    • CARDO mesh helmet-mounted intercom system for biker-to-biker communication 
    • 1 boom microphone and 2 pairs of headphones for listening to Agnet and intercom communications 
    • Cable to interface box
Use cases

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