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Rescue Headsets for Replublican Security Corps (CRS)

Communication systems for helicopter operations

Comu Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of communication systems designed specifically for high-risk environments, such as mountainous areas. Our equipment is carefully tailored to meet the needs of critical helicopter missions carried out by Compagnie Républicaine de Sécurité (Replublican Security Corps / CRS) teams during avalanche rescue operations. We are committed to providing reliable communication solutions that support the safety of these teams and contribute to the success of their missions, even in the most extreme conditions.


The equipment used

  • Noise-canceling headset with microphone, adaptable to protective helmet
  • High-impedance, low-level heli interface
  • Communication with heli’s on-board intercom network and PMR radio network
  • 2 pairs of headphones: for helicopter TB and for PMR radio
Use case

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