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Ramp agents communication headsets for Air France

Maneuvering the aircraft in a restricted and complex environment involves a high risk of collision, and exposes ground staff to particular vulnerability. Comu Systems’ mission is to protect these agents by facilitating clear, uninterrupted communication.

Comu Systems communication headsets are designed to meet the specific needs of ramp agents. They offer excellent audio quality and exceptional communication clarity, even in the most constrained environments:

– Clear, concise communication, essential for safety

– Improved coordination between teams

– Reduced risk of accidents

Our commitment to risk management is our signature for safer aviation.


The equipment used

Supply of aircraft departure headsets for communication between the company’s ramp crews (push/back operations) and maintenance teams

  • IPF headset connected to the in-flight intercom network:
    • high acoustic insulation
    • differential electret microphone
    • full-range headphones
    • switch to activate the microphone continuously or alternately
    • high-resistance cable
    • Lemo safety connectors
  • 12m extension cable for IPF headset
    • Lemo safety socket
    • standardized 3-contact jack
Use case

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