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Interfaces linked to the helicopter

Communication solutions for mountain safety

Comu Systems develops communication interfaces specially designed for use on board helicopters by the Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne (PGHM / high mountain gendarmerie platoons in France).

Our commitment is to improve the coordination and safety of helicopter operations for these teams working in difficult mountain conditions. With our solutions, we enable smooth and efficient communication, ensuring that every mission is carried out in complete safety.

Our technology offers reliable connectivity, even in the most demanding environments.


The equipment used

  • HELIPRO interface with built-in microphone and loudspeaker:
    • Face and side PTT buttons
    • Robust IP67 enclosure
    • Radio socket with circular quick-disconnect connector
    • Socket for ARVA system
    • Socket for connecting an extension lead to the helicopter dashboard
    • Socket for TACTICOM headset
  • TACTICOM headset :
    • High-quality noise-canceling electret boom microphone
    • Spatialized ambient noise amplification
    • Blocking of amplification in the event of a gunshot
    • Wired connection to 1 or 2 radios
    • Breathing mask socket with boom microphone deactivation
  • For use by the PGHM
Use case

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